About Me

Born and raised in Townsville and now residing in Brisbane, Gabrielle Tito’s works are fun and festive portrayals that merge splendid and exuberant floral arrangements against vibrantly coloured geometric motifs. Whilst inspired considerably by an abiding love of antiques, retro furnishings and vintage design, her Diploma in Interior Design chiefly influences and informs her utilisation of colour, as well as the composition of elements and objects within her works. Deriving stimulus from the many species of native botanicals and colourful bird life present in and around the Brisbane metropolitan area.
Having developed her artistry through an extensive degree of experimentation and a relinquishing of her creative inhibitions, Gabrielle began painting steadily in 2018,as a mechanism to cope with the grief that accompanied her mother’s passing. Commencing the creative process with initial pencil sketches that assist in establishing the works’ preliminary structure, the patterned aspects of each piece are typically determined first, prior to deciding which florals will balance and compliment the selected design. An avid collector of vintage vases, crockeries and linens, and particularly attracted to their clashing yet classical colour schemes, these items appear frequently within Gabrielle’s works, which are exclusively executed in acrylics on canvas.